Concrete & Brick Front Steps Installation in Bergen County, NJ

New front steps installed in front of a home with brick siding.
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Concrete Stairs Installation in Bergen County, NJ

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of your front steps — most people don’t realize their value until they start to disintegrate or fall into disrepair. Whether you have a few cracks or entire missing steps, a broken-down set of front steps poses a safety hazard and negatively impacts your home value.

At Capital T Construction, we offer thorough concrete front steps makeovers in Bergen County, NJ. Once our contractors are done with their repairs, your steps will look brand new!

If you’re looking for professionals to assist with front steps construction in Bergen County NJ, look no further! From preliminary design to the final installation, our contractors will successfully fulfill every step of the process.

Our team will start by measuring the “rise and run,” or the height and width of the steps. Next, they will install riser forms to help outline the proportions of the stairs. Finally, they will fill the insides of the steps with rubble and then concrete. Once the concrete is set, the riser forms are removed and the concrete is finished off with a trowel. We’ll complete the project by clearing any cracks and smoothing the surfaces, leaving you with a beautiful new set of steps!

A Leading Front Steps Contractor

What makes our front steps contractor stand out is our commitment to quality, strong attention to detail, and dedication to honest, reasonable rates. Our experienced team has completed several concrete front steps makeovers in Bergen County, NJ, and beyond. From fixing up broken steps to installing brand new ones, we’re ready to tackle any project you may need.

Brick front steps add a unique, rustic charm to any home. They’re also durable and long-lasting, which makes them a practical investment. However, because bricks can be uneven and difficult to work with, it’s important to rely on the expertise of professionals. At Capital T Construction, our contractors are familiar with brick front steps installation. From excavating the soil and cutting bricks to laying bricks out and applying mortar, they will quickly complete the process and leave you with a set of new, high-quality stairs.

Like most things, stairs have their own lifespan. Many steps eventually break down and fall into disrepair. There are a few things that can speed up this process, such as:

  • Poor installation
  • Encroaching vegetation
  • Natural disasters

If you notice cracks or broken steps, it’s important to contact professionals to conduct entrance steps repair. If somebody ends up tripping on your property, you’ll be held liable.

When it comes to concrete front steps makeovers in Bergen County, our contractors can’t be beaten. In addition to fixing steps, they can perform the following functions:

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Our contractors are highly experienced when it comes to conducting concrete front steps makeovers in Bergen County and North Jersey, including:

Front steps are more important than most people realize. They’re one of the first things people see when they approach your property, and they are representative of the type of home you have. More significantly, people rely on your stairs to access your home. The last thing you want is for somebody to fall down and injure themselves because the steps are uneven or have large cracks. We promise efficiency and reasonable rates, and we never compromise when it comes to quality. For more information about receiving a makeover for your concrete front steps in Bergen County, NJ, or any nearby community, contact us for a quote today!