Top Signs You Need to Fix Your Concrete Sidewalk

Top Signs You Need to Fix Your Concrete Sidewalk

Is your property’s concrete sidewalk looking a little worse for the wear? Even though you may think concrete slabs are virtually invincible, eventually, even strong materials such as concrete succumb to years of use, exposure to sunlight, and other factors. Here are some of the main signs that you need to repair concrete sidewalks.


It goes without saying that no one likes to look down and see cracks in concrete. And it might not surprise you either that many large cracks are one of the signs you need to repair concrete sidewalks since they’re a trip hazard and can cause damage to car tires. What might come as a surprise, on the other hand, is that sometimes these cracks happen due to shifting and condition changes in the soil underneath the concrete. When our professionals visit homes and businesses for sidewalk repair in Bergen County, we investigate closely to determine if these cracks are signs you need to repair concrete sidewalks or rip them up and replace them entirely.

Standing Water

Another one of the signs you need to repair concrete sidewalks is pools or puddles of water on the surface that stick around long after the rain has stopped. These can indicate your concrete driveway or sidewalk has uneven spots or is damaged already. It’s best to get in touch with professionals for concrete repair ASAP, as you might end up with potholes soon!


Remember how we mentioned that concrete doesn’t last forever? If you’ve got an older property, this can be one of the signs you need to repair concrete sidewalks. Whether or not you see visible damage, it’s best to have your sidewalk or driveway inspected to ensure it’s still safe and functional after all these years.

Tree Roots

Do you see tree roots poking up through your concrete? This is one of the urgent signs you need to repair concrete sidewalks because tree roots can wreak havoc on your property in general, not just driveways and sidewalks. Tree roots take many months or even years to grow through concrete, so noticing them now means there has been a problem for a while.


Frequent salting over the years can be one of the more hidden signs you need to repair concrete sidewalks. If you’re used to winter weather, you might have salted your concrete sidewalk a few times this year alone. However, as the seasons change, salt can damage concrete as it eats into the coating and causes cracks, holes, and sagging.

Color Fading

While color fading is an aesthetic problem rather than a structural one, it can still be one of the signs you need to repair concrete sidewalks. Extended exposure to sunlight will make this happen faster, as will other factors such as snow, ice, water, and heavy foot traffic. If your property’s curb appeal means a lot to you, you’ll need to get your concrete resurfaced or repaired to bring back that polished, tidy look.

Uneven Surface

Much like visible cracks or tree roots poking through, an uneven surface is one of the signs to repair concrete sidewalks as well. This can be a tripping hazard to family members, guests, customers, and whoever else visits your home or property. It also makes driving and navigating on the driveway or near the sidewalk more difficult and can harm car and truck tires. 

Improper Installation

If you’ve had your concrete sidewalk or driveway poured by an inexperienced company, such as one that doesn’t factor in the ideal thickness of concrete sidewalks based on your situation, you need concrete repair fast, or you could be wasting your time and money! This time, pick a team that will do it right.

Your Concrete Repair Partners

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