Concrete Pavers Patio & Edging Stone Installation in Bergen County, NJ 07026

An outdoor pavers patio with a stone fire pit and wooden lounge chairs.
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Paver Patio Installation Near Me Paramus, NJ

There’s no better way to soak up the sun in Bergen County, NJ than reclining on your patio. When it comes to crafting an outdoor living space, you want a material that’s durable, long-lasting, and looks good in your backyard — and paver patios fit the bill! We connect residents with contractors that are experienced in paver patio installation. We’ll assess your home, ask you about your budgetary and design requirements, and craft a patio that meets every one of your expectations.

Whether you’re looking for pavers patio construction or professional driveway installation, our landscape paver contractors in North Jersey have the skills and knowledge to handle your project.

We’ll start by outlining and excavating the desired site, taking care to remove any lingering debris. Next, we will perform any grading or sloping necessary to create an adequate water drainage system. Once the site is ready, we will prepare the sub-base of asphalt, concrete, paving stone, or whatever material you have chosen. We’ll finish off by binding, compacting, and smoothing the surface. Whether it’s a driveway or a paver patio installation, you can rest assured that the final product will be high-quality.

Landscaping with Pavers Patio in Bergen County, NJ

Landscaping is a great way to make your lawn more aesthetically pleasing and increase your home’s value. With our creativity and commitment to quality, the possibilities for your home are endless! Landscaping with pavers in Bergen County, NJ, can include working with patios, walkways, or driveways. We’re also happy to conduct repairs to any existing paving you may have, ensuring that everything is in prime condition.

When deciding what type of patio to install in your home, it’s important to consider the pros and cons involved. There are several advantages to a concrete paver patio installation, such as:

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Weather-resistance
  • Low maintenance

We employ some of the best paver patio contractors in New Jersey. After listening to your concerns, our team will design a high-quality patio and even incorporate decorative finishes if desired.

Front Yard Pavers Patio Repair

In addition to pavers patio installations, our contractors can repair existing pavement. Most homes have walkways and driveways in their front yards. Since these amenities are used frequently, they’re subject to wear and tear. If you notice cracks or crevices in your pathways or driveway, it’s important to call a professional and have it repaired immediately. If somebody trips and gets injured because of an uneven walkway, you may be held responsible.

Our contractors have years of experience when it comes to front yard pavers repair. From smoothing out cracks to replacing entire portions, we’ll ensure your pavement is in perfect condition.

Install Edging Stones

A great way to elevate your home is to install edging stones around your pavement. These stones, which often outline patios, walkways, and gardens, also come with practical benefits. They can secure plants and vegetation in place and decrease your lawn maintenance requirements.

Our team will start by measuring your project area and digging a trench at the desired border. Our specialists will then add some leveling stand before placing the edging stones in the trench. Finally, they will fill open spaces to secure the stones in place.

We’re proud to offer paver patio installation in Bergen County and communities throughout North Jersey, including:

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